Adobe Analytics Says Holiday Shoppers Will Spend Billions More With Their Phones

Does your ecommerce website automatically adjust to fit small device screens like mobile phones?

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If you shrugged your shoulders, you might want to go and recheck it; otherwise a prospective buyer could end up on your competitor’s site.

According to Adobe Analytics’ latest report, the smartphone shopping trend will accelerate this holiday season and be responsible for 47% of retail holiday growth.

Adobe Inc.’s web analytics platform added that Americans will spend $14 billion more this year with their phones than the last, thus the importance of a mobile-friendly site.

It also found that the total online holiday spend will exceed $143.7 billion, which represents a 14.1% growth year-over-year.

Revenue Opportunities to Take Advantage of

Adobe analyzed more than a trillion visits to over 4,500 retail sites to identify how and when consumers do their holiday shopping.

Online retailers can use the company’s report as a guide to determine which sales channel and marketing strategy will boost their ecommerce revenues.

Since smartphones will account for half of the total ecommerce sales during the holiday season, retailers are advised to review their site’s structure and ensure that it’s mobile-friendly.

A responsive website easily converts visitors to customers, which is very important especially on major sales events.

According to the report, the total ecommerce revenue from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday will break $29 billion. This is 20% of the total holiday season’s revenue, which is higher than last year’s 19%.

It’s also a clear indication of consumers’ growing inclination for shopping online on big days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

As for the most profitable hours, Adobe says 30% of Cyber Monday’s revenue will be obtained between 7PM and 11PM PST.

Early Deals and More Emails

Thanks to their paid search traffic, ecommerce giants like Amazon and eBay are expected to double their sales between now and December 31 and increase their revenue by 65%.

Smaller retailers will also enjoy a boost but not to the same degree, says Adobe.

They can, however, catch up this year by offering early deals. After all, it’s the same strategy that gave the big players a competitive edge last year.

Aside from that, the report puts emphasis on the power of email marketing and how it can effectively get an offer to a consumer on a mobile device while holiday shopping.

It further explained that 8% more emails are sent per day during the holiday season as the open rates increase by 6% while click-through rates climb 4%.

How prepared is your ecommerce website for holiday shoppers?

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