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Amazon’s Treasure Truck expands to four more US cities

Amazon’s Treasure Truck has reached millions of subscribers across 25 US cities and is expanding this shopping experience to Charlotte, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Las Vegas.

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With the addition of vans and kiosks, customers in those cities and across all locales now have more than double the number of pickup locations per offer to choose from.

Treasure hunters can sign up to be among the first to find out what’s on #TreasureTruck by texting “truck” to 24193.

“We’ve been so excited by the customer reaction to Treasure Truck the last couple of years, from all across the country. Our customers love the surprise of what new hand-picked, must-have item is on Treasure Truck each day, and being able to pick it up from convenient locations where they live, work, and play. Now, we’re thrilled to continue expanding this one-of-a-kind shopping experience with more cities, offers, events, pickup locations, and vehicles — to deliver even more delight.”

Margot Johnson, Director of Treasure Truck at Amazon

Amazon Treasure Truck is two years old

  • Since its initial expansion in July 2017, Treasure Truck has gained millions of text message subscribers.
  • 75% of Treasure Truck subscribers check out a new offer within 15 minutes of receiving the day’s offer text.
  • Amazon’s Treasure Truck ‘family’ has grown by 5x—and now, the fleet of over 100 includes trucks, vans, and kiosks.
  • Treasure Truck offers customers more inventory than ever before, tripling its product volume over the past two years.
  • Treasure Truck has more than doubled the number of pickup locations per offer, making it even easier to get the goods.
  • Today, Treasure Truck is on the road an average of five days per week with both new treasures and events.
  • Free experiential events across the nation have increased by 7x since 2017 – from carnivals for dogs to outdoor movie nights to product sampling days and more.
  • The most frequent customers shop Treasure Truck offers more than once per week.
  • Treasure Truck top-selling cities are Seattle, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.
  • The most frequent customers who often shop Treasure Truck more than once per week reside in Chicago, San Antonio, and Sacramento.
  • Valentine’s Day bouquets and chocolate, Sony TVs and smart notebooks were the fastest-selling offers—customers snagged the items in minutes!

Treasure Truck is a fun way to shop

The Amazon Treasure Truck is an unexpected way to shop with Amazon.

Treasure Truck features one hand-picked item per day, several times per week, and each offer-day will be unique.

Customers can sign-up for the text message alerts revealing the day’s treasure. Each offer is always a surprise, and customers will have to act fast, as there are limited quantities available.

After customers place their order on Amazon, they then select a convenient pickup location and time-slot to get their item.

Besides the iconic trucks, customers can pick up their treasure at newly launched vans, as well as kiosks in select Amazon Books, Amazon Go, Whole Foods Market stores, and more.

To get the latest deals on Amazon’s Treasure Truck, follow @treasuretruck on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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