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ARCore: The New Augmented Reality Experience For Android

Augmented reality has been given a huge boost ever since the popular hype of “Pokemon Go” last year. Many then observed that augmented reality might be coming to mobile phones in other formats too.

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While “Pokemon Go” might have slipped a little in popularity, there is no doubt that augmented reality in some way has arrived on smartphones.

Enter ARCore

A new augmented reality software development kit (SDK) is coming to Android called ARCore.

ARCore lion on the street augmented reality
Image Source: Unity3D Blog

With this software, augmented reality will be even more prevalent for both present and future Android phones. Unlike the AR experience in “Pokemon Go” though, it will not be experienced only within a game but would be an actual built in feature of your phone.

ARCore is not yet out on general public release although it is available for developers. That means developers can experiment with it and possibly incorporate it into their own programs and apps as well.

Here is a site with some cool stuff they already have created.

ARCore is being developed along with smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei, LG and ASUS. No additional hardware is so far needed in order for the program to work.

What will ARCore bring to smartphones?

Some features that ARCore will have include motion tracking, environmental understanding and light estimation. Motion tracking might be somewhat familiar to those who have played “Pokemon Go.”

One feature which might be helpful would be light estimation, as that would mean virtual objects would have the same lighting as its actual surroundings would have.

ARCore is just one of those that are being worked on to now to bring AR closer to mobile phones. Other apps and services are also constantly being developed in order to help developers make the AR experience much better for many smartphone users.

Prototype browsers that will be able to support AR are also being made. With these being developed, the future of AR looks bright and would make augmented reality more common soon.

What are your thoughts on AR? How could this be implemented in your business? Is it just a fad or will it be here to stay? Let us know in the comments below.

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