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Augmented Reality And How It Can Affect The Market

Augmented Reality should be familiar to you by now. After the success of “Pokemon Go,” many people have become familiar with it.

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Augmented reality though has been around for quite sometime now, though its use has increased massively over recent years.

Essentially, augmented reality is easy to use. All it needs is a smartphone’s camera and an app that lets the user experience it. Now augmented reality might become even more realistic with Apple’s ARKit or Google’s AR Core. This would allow developers to create even more realistic AR experiences.

The future for Augmented Reality and eCommerce

With AR, its possible use for eCommerce and Commerce in general is being explored. What this might mean is that virtual objects could be made to make the consumer experience more real. This has the potential to help in sales, where a buyer could try out a product even before he could actually see it.

This has been the case already for some businesses such as Magnolia Market, a home and lifestyle business in Waco, Texas. Through the use of augmented reality, customers could see what their products are and how they would look like in their homes before actually buying them.

You can see this in action below:

This could be true as well in seeing how you would look in new clothes you have yet to purchase. Since smartphones now have front and rear cameras, digital clothes could then be put on by a person using augmented reality.

With “Pokemon Go,” people realized that a virtual world could be created and imposed on the real world. This brings both the virtual and real world together through the smartphone. What is even better is that there could be different versions of that world, depending on how a user might build and interact with it.

Do you see AR as a gimmick or a future feature of eCommerce? Let us know in the comments below.

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