Bonanza Introduces Webstore Broadcaster to Make Google Shopping Feeds Easy

If you have ever tried to work with Google Shopping feeds to get your products listed, you know how complicated the process can become.

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Bonanza, an online marketplace that integrates with other marketplaces such as eBay, Etsy, Amazon, and Shopify has launched a new tool to make it simple for entrepreneurs to list products on Google Shopping.

Now running promotional campaigns on the Google Shopping platform to drive sales to your items on the Bonanza Webstore is easy to setup and manage with the new Webstore Broadcaster tool.

The Webstore Broadcaster lets you launch Google Shopping campaigns from your Bonanza Webstore to get in front of millions of Google users. And with the holiday season in full swing, there are probably millions of product searches every hour on Google!

Bonanza has been developing this new tool for some time using data from millions of Google Shopping sales to help optimize your Bonanza Webstore product feeds.

You are in full control of ad spending and data tweaking to give you the flexibility to promote your listings for maximum effectiveness. Afterall, it is all about high conversion rates and low advertising expenditure and Bonanza’s tools can help you achieve these goals.

I Have Never Used Bonanza, Why Use Another Marketplace?

Image: Bonanza

With over 25 million items for sale by over 50,000 sellers with users in 199 countries, it may not be the biggest marketplace, but it plays well with others.

Bonanza offers a marketplace where sellers can open booths, as well as a subscription based Webstore which acts as a stand-alone eCommerce website.

Marketplace sellers pay final value fees only when items sell but are not required to pay a monthly subscription or listing fees.

The integration features the Bonanza Webstore offers allow for true multi-channel sales and should be well worth the $225 annual price tag (or $25 per month). The Webstore subscription includes the new Webstore Broadcaster tool for free.

While you will have to spend money on Google AdWords to maximize your Google Shopping exposure, the new Webstore Broadcaster simplifies the data feeds process and that alone is a great value and time saver.

Also, as a Bonanza Webstore owner, your products are listed on the Bonanza marketplace at no additional cost. And unlike Bonanza marketplace sellers which only operate booths, Bonanza Webstore owners have no Final Value Fees and the Webstore is customizable to match your brand identity.

The annual plan even includes a free domain registration, so if you do not own an online store yet, but only sell on marketplaces, Bonanza’s Webstore can become your online presence in your style and for your brand.

Bonanza is a marketplace, product manager, and eCommerce platform all in one. It is designed to be simple to use and provide eCommerce entrepreneurs with a robust online sales platform.

Webstore Broadcaster Launch Incentives

Now is the time when most eCommerce retailers book 20 percent off their annual sales. With the new Google Shopping management tool for Bonanza Webstores, the company believes they can help newcomers to eCommerce and Marketplace vets alike.

For a limited time, Bonanza is offering a special deal to setup a Webstore and take advantage of Webstore Broadcaster for Google Shopping. Sign up through the Webstore Broadcaster for 30 days, and Bonanza will give you the following:

  • Management Fees waived for one month (up to $100)
  • A custom domain name for one year ($25 value)
  • $100 advertising credit when you spend $25

For complete details on this offer click here.

Do you sell on Bonanza and have you tried the new Webstore Broadcaster tool? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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