Bonanza Partners With TaxCloud To Provide Sales Tax Compliance-Services

Sales tax compliance service TaxCloud and online marketplace Bonanza announced that they have partnered to offer TaxCloud services to Bonanza sellers to support their sales tax compliance.

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Bonanza sellers can now easily connect their booths (stores) to TaxCloud and easily manage their US sales tax obligations.

Since the Supreme Court decision in South Dakota v. Wayfair last June, many small business sellers have been struggling to figure out how to stay compliant with so many states now passing sales tax laws that require remote sellers to collect and remit sales tax.

This partnership will help Bonanza sellers collect and remit sales tax to states in which the seller has exceeded the threshold for collection.

TaxCloud provides a powerful sales tax compliance API, wrapped in an easy-to-use, self-service Cloud platform empowering retailers of any size to get started collecting sales tax in any state (or all states) in minutes.

The TaxCloud API delivers real-time and batch process sales tax calculations for any address in the US, as well as automated registration, filing & remittance services, audit response and indemnification to its clients.

Bonanza Marketplace

Bonanza is an online marketplace that is home to thousands of small businesses now facing sales tax compliance questions.

Using valuable feedback from sellers, Bonanza creates tools to drive sales and help sellers build a vibrant, stable eCommerce shop.

Specializing in multi-channel diversification, sellers can import items from other marketplaces and be up and running on Bonanza in minutes.

“We are delighted to partner with Bonanza in their effort to provide robust and affordable sales tax services to their sellers. Bonanza’s DNA is built upon great seller services and they are ahead of the curve in recognizing sales tax as a valued service for their sellers.”

TaxCloud Vice President of Business Development Patrick Riley

Reilly O’Connor, Product Manager at Bonanza added:

“Given the recent changes to the sales tax landscape, Bonanza wanted to offer sellers an option for a full-service sales tax capability. Partnering with TaxCloud to meet this request of our sellers is the perfect solution.”

Bonanza sellers that wish to learn more about this service and the Bonanza integration can visit

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