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eBay Australia Introduces Seller Protections For Severe Sydney Floods 2022

eBay Australia has announced that they have put in place seller protections for those eBay sellers currently affected by the extreme weather conditions affecting Sydney in July 2022. This isn’t the first time that eBay has put such protections in place as just a few months ago in May they had to put similar protections in place for floods that hit the Queensland region.

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You can see the full announcement from eBay Australia below:

eBay Australia Sydney Flood Update

“We know flooding and extreme weather conditions across Greater Sydney are causing road closures, impacting mail and parcels, and may interrupt your ability to run your business. We’re here to support you, so we’ve put seller protections in place. 

Seller Protections

These protections apply to parcels in and out of affected postcodes in Greater Sydney from the 4th of July 2022 until the flooding subsides. To be eligible, you need to upload valid tracking before the estimated delivery date. We will automatically remove:

  • Your Late Shipment Rate defects, Seller Cancellation defects, and related Negative or Neutral Feedback received for transactions between the above dates
  • Your Item Not Received (INR) count in Service Metrics, along with any related Negative or Neutral Feedback, will be removed automatically for transactions between the above dates
  • INR defects (cases without seller resolution) in Seller Standards for affected areas

We’re also extending onsite Estimated Delivery Dates for the Greater Sydney area to manage buyer expectations and give you more time to fulfill your orders.

Affected postcodes: 2745-2770, 2778-2786, 2170, 2570, 2563, 2568, 2325, 2790, 2795, 2873, 7875

We’ll continue to monitor the situation and post any updates here on the community.”

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