eBay Australia Showing Promoted Listings on Search Result

eBay Improves UK and Australia Marketplaces with Enhanced Ad Management Options and Transparency

eBay has launched improvements on its UK and Australian marketplaces that now enables sellers to better manage their Promoted Listings Standard campaigns.

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Sellers can now create and manage their campaigns all from one page. eBay has also added:

  • New Brand and Condition filters
  • A new subcategory-level filter
  • Enhanced data visualization
  • Inline sorting for the first 5 columns
  • An entrance link to Ads Academy

Furthermore, the company said sellers now have the ability to schedule and download Promoted Listings Standard reports from the Seller Hub Reports tab at account-level and for multiple campaigns at once.

New eBay Best Offer Notification

In addition, eBay is adding transparency for sellers when negotiating offers with buyers through its Best Offer program.

Previously, sellers would not know if an ad fee would apply when considering offers, but now eBay will show sellers when a standard ad rate might apply while negotiating an offer. This will provide more clarity to sellers on the ad fee to expect.

This will also make it easier to see which negotiated transactions are likely to be attributed to a seller’s Promoted Listings Standard campaign.

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