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eBay Issues Confusing Notes About Deadlines to Associate Listings to Catalog

In a bit of cryptic message to eBay sellers claiming they are providing additional time to finish the job, eBay effectively has reminded sellers about the mid-September deadline to associate existing listings to their product catalog by providing a specific date of September 17, 2018.

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Unlike the eBay UK announcement that actually delays the implementation in certain categories, it doesn’t appear U.S. sellers are receiving the same offer.

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Also, Canadian sellers received a similar note as U.S. sellers, but Canada is using October 2018 as the deadline. Like for U.S. sellers, the note seems to repeat the same time period announced during the fall seller update for Canadian sellers.

We have made a request to eBay for clarification of what may be being delayed. Because it seems to us there are no delays for implementation of the catalog mandates for U.S. and Canadian sellers.

U.S. and Canadian Sellers Should Wrap Up Catalog Associations

Right now is a good time for both U.S. and Canadian sellers to wrap up catalog associations.

Even with an October deadline for Canada, it makes sense to get this done before the busy holiday shopping season gets into full swing.

Certainly, it doesn’t appear that U.S. and Canadian sellers are receiving the same delay as UK sellers that pushes some categories out to next year.

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