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eBay to Launch Questions & Answers on UK Site in October

eBay UK announced they are adding Questions & Answers to UK Product pages starting in October 2017. If you are not familiar with Questions & Answers, it is a pre-sale crowdsourced Q&A displayed on eBay’s new static product pages.

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Doing a little research, it appears product pages on the U.K. site will be unique from product pages on the U.S. site. We compared same products on both eBay marketplaces and found substantial differences in the design of product pages.

And in some cases, there was no U.K. product page when there was a U.S. product page for products available in both countries.

At eBay Open 2017, eBay for the first time acknowledged they created over 200 million browse and product pages. But the company did not specify if that total included only pages on or other eBay sites as well.

A quick check on another eBay marketplace showed no announcement of forthcoming changes. We assume eBay is going to wait until next year to roll out browse and product pages on other eBay sites.


To us it appears eBay is rolling out the full program first in the U.S, not really that surprising being the home market.

The U.K. seem to be the second market that will receive a substantial makeover with product and browse pages, including new features available today on

Adding Questions and Answers should be a fairly easy task as the development work is already done.

It seems to us that by waiting a few more months on this feature, eBay is buying time to complete the rollout of more search engine friendly browse and product pages on the U.K. marketplace.

Are you a U.K. eBay seller? We love to hear your thoughts about the product and browse pages in the comments section below.

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