eBay with Certified Apple Watch on Smartphone

Will eBay Offer Phonecheck Certification for Apple Watches Soon? – Update

Earlier this year, eBay partnered with Phonecheck to enable eligible sellers to list refurbished Phonecheck-certified mobile devices on the marketplace.

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Phonecheck’s certification provided a significant extra layer of trust as devices had to pass a rigorous 80-point diagnostic and certified data-wipe process.

As part of its service, the company would produce a Device History Report, providing precise details on the device’s authenticity, full functionality, ownership status, carrier information, repair history and more.

Today, Phonecheck announced in a press release that it is expanding its service to include a comprehensive erasure and refurbishing solution for previously-owned Apple Watch products.

“We have seen [a] sharp growth in the number of Apple Watches entering the secondhand market which is driving the need for third-party certification in this category,” explained Jax Futrell, Chief Operating Officer at Phonecheck.

Later in the release, the company said: “Consumers will begin to see Phonecheck Certified Apple Watches on popular refurbished marketplaces and websites in the coming weeks and months.”

What About eBay?

There was no specific mention of if eBay would be one of those marketplaces for which Phonecheck will offer this new service.

However, as eager as eBay is in expanding its position as a leading marketplace in recommerce, it would make sense for the online marketplace to add this new Phonecheck certification option.

Eligible eBay sellers can already list Apple Watches on the marketplace with the ‘eBay Refurbished’ badge if they meet eBays’ refurbished program conditions.

The Apple Watch Phonecheck service would provide additional features and trust for buyers if eBay picks up the new service.

Update 8/1/2022

We heard back from a Phonecheck representative and they said Phonecheck service for Apple Watches is now available to eBay users as well.

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