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eBay Pushes Forward with TV Advertising

eBay continues to push forward with TV advertising and marketing. This time they debut their brand new ad during the NBA Game 2 Finals broadcast on Sunday.

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The ad takes a direct aim at Amazon without ever mentioning Amazon. It starts out making fun of the color beige and then goes to suggest shopping can be colorful and fun on eBay.

eBay earlier in the year already offered up colors in their billboards. This ad represents an extension of that theme.


Unless you watch NASCAR, you probably didn’t know eBay is regularly on TV broadcasts since the beginning of the year. eBay Motors features during every race telecast on FOX Sports with special segment.

The segment is about 30 seconds long and includes a pit lane reporter discussing a team or driver strategy standing in front of a pit box.

eBay also purchased scrolling leaderboard graphic sponsorship and other info-graphic sponsorship typical for sports broadcasts.


While many sellers complained earlier in the year about fee increases and Top Seller Discount reductions, the fact is that eBay is providing a return on value for those fee increases.

Sports broadcasts are notoriously expensive, but provide large target audiences for marketing. Between billboard campaigns, NASCAR broadcast sponsorship, TV ads during NBA Finals games, eBay is trying to gain more buyers.

For the first time, it appears eBay is taking their marketing seriously and not just throwing something out there. They seem to have turned the corner a bit and are developing a strategy that is coherent and targeted.

This plan should benefit all sellers in the long run. And while fee increases are never welcome, small sellers should profit from this approach that eBay is taking.

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