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eBay Temporarily Raises Shipping Fees to Australia and New Zealand

eBay announced temporary shipping rate adjustments for Australia and New Zealand because of increased transportation costs to those countries.

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The rates adjustments apply to US sellers and are effective until further notice, but the company said they will be temporary.

“We will continue to evaluate the best possible ways to continue services to all countries served by our international shipping programs, including those impacted by other service interruptions. And, we will continue to post shipping updates throughout the holiday season.”

eBay Statement

eBay Shipping Rates Table (Old vs New Pricing)

WeightOld PriceNew Temporary PriceChange
.5 lbs$15$16+ $1
1 lbs$24$25+ $1
2 lbs$24$26+ $2
3 lbs$40$43+ $3
4 lbs$55$59+ $4
5 lbs$67$72+ $5
6 lbs$71$77+ $6
7 lbs$76$83+ $7
8 lbs$81$89+ $8
9 lbs$86$95+ $9
10 lbs$91$101+ $10

It’s unfortunate that eBay did not provide any notice of this action, especially since shipping to Australia and New Zealand have been problematic for a few months now.

For example, USPS and Canada Post still have suspended many of their services to both countries and other postal operators warn of significant delays due to lack of transportation availability.

Here are all the rates for eBay’s shipping program to all countries they serve.

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