eBay Takes a Look Back At Its Retail Revival Program

This year eBay launches a new program called Retail Revival in the US and U.K.

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Working with small local businesses in selected cities, the marketplace goal was to revitalize local retail communities by expanding the reach of these businesses to include online sales.

The program launched in the city of Akron, Ohio, then Lansing Michigan, and in late in 2018 expanded to the U.K. with Wolverhampton, England.

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Program is Thriving

eBay says each the three city programs is now thriving and producing very promising results. Here are some details:

  • Of the 182 participating Retail Revival sellers, 60% were new to eBay.
  • Collectively, Retail Revival sellers have made 37,000+ sales.
  • Approximately 10% of the combined US city GMV has come from international sales, representing buyers from over 70 countries from Algeria to Vietnam.
  • Sellers in Akron with previous eBay experience have seen their GMV grow 78% YoY as a result of the top-notch coaching and training they’ve received.
  • Lansing and Wolverhampton experienced sellers are also performing well, with current GMV growth at 14% and 33%, respectively.
  • Two Akron Retail Revival sellers, Five Blessings and Seventh Floor Clothing, opened brick-and-mortar locations this year — a tangible sign of growth, in part supported by their sales on eBay.

These numbers represent a good start for Retail Revival, and eBay says it is just getting started.

The company has plans underway for at least three more cities in 2019, one of which will be outside the US.

In a bid to be a champion of small businesses, eBay is trying to merge the online and offline world by helping businesses expand online. Retail Revival is just one of such program to help accomplish this goal.

To learn more about eBay’s Retail Revival program, visit ebay.com/RetailRevival

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