eBay Academy UK 2022

eBay UK Re-Launch eBay Academy for 2022

eBay UK has relaunched the eBay Academy portal for 2022. Whilst eBay Academy is not a brand new concept it is something that seems to get waves of attention from eBay. The concept is relatively simple, the eBay Academy provides an education portal for both new and experienced sellers to learn directly from eBay how to sell on the marketplace and the best practices for thriving in eCommerce.

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This isn’t their first attempt at education as years ago they had eBay University and also the eBay Education Specialist programs which both since ended. The eBay Academy offers a range of free courses which you can access by entering your eBay credentials on the eBay Academy Portal.

You can see the new announcement that eBay made today below which includes all the information on how to get access to the academy.

eBay Academy 2022

“Whether you’re new to eBay or have been selling for years, eBay Academy has a wide range of free interactive courses to offer for those just starting out to those looking to enhance their existing eBay business, there’s really something for everyone!

You’ll have access to courses designed by eBay experts to teach you how to grow your business and succeed on eBay. Learn at your own pace wherever you are as part of an interactive, self-learning experience.

Choose from a range of free online courses such as how to open an eBay Shop, master our tools and features, build and grow your brand with valuable insights, and much more! They’re all designed to help you build your brand and take your business one step further. 

Join eBay Academy and start applying your knowledge today!

Below are some of the ways eBay Academy can help you:

  • Start off on the right foot by learning best practices on how to optimise your listings and grow your sales
  • Explore our learning courses with a wide range of topics to choose from
  • Learn and apply best practices straight away – courses are only 10 minutes 
  • Become a part of a community of business owners who are all learning together
  • Build buyer trust with a badge of achievement

How eBay Academy works:

  1. Visit Academy here.
  2. Log in using your eBay credentials
  3. Choose the course that best suits your experience and meets your business goals

For more information, please visit our Seller Centre here.

As always, thank you for choosing eBay.

Kind Regards,

Your eBay team”

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