Etsy social media Session for Sellers Was a Great Success

No matter where SMEs sell, on a marketplace or your own hosted store, social media is a perplexing problem for many.

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Especially micro business owners, who do typically may only have one additional person or family member that helps them, often find themselves struggling to maximize social media.

Certainly, almost everyone does some social media, and any social media is better than no social media, but in many cases it only takes a few tweaks to improve the success of a social media strategy.

But finding those tweaks for an owner-operator who has so many different roles to handle throughout the day can be a challenge. And hiring an “expert” can be costly for many small businesses.

Etsy Helps Micro and Small Businesses with social media

Just last year, Etsy rolled out a new social media management tool that makes it easier for sellers to post products to their favorite social media channels quickly.

And on Friday, the company held a session with sellers to critique social media posts and offer advice on how to improve effectiveness.

Sellers posted links to social media posts in a dedicated forum thread, and members of the Etsy team took a look and responded with personalized advice. Etsy critiqued over 35 submissions and offered up some great advice to sellers.

Here are a few examples of feedback the Etsy team gave to submitted posts:

“I recommend researching popular hashtags on the Instagram Explore tab… customize the hashtags based on the item you’re promoting.”

“Facebook allows for a post to have multiple images for a viewer to browse through (like an album). It could be effective if you added 1-2 additional images, and include one with the page in a pretty sample binder or planner to give the viewer an idea of size and use.”

“Since this post is advertising the opportunity to pre-order, perhaps including a story or anecdote about the process leading up to launch, or posing a question to your followers about what their favorite accessory to pair with your bag is might help get people even more excited about your new product.”

“think about introducing human hands actually using your products or even an inspirational process photo so buyers can get a view into all your hard work that went into making these items.”

Missed the Session? Don’t Panic; You Still Can Benefit

If you missed the session, or your submission was not picked as one the Etsy team reviewed, you may still benefit from the advice provided.

The full thread is available here. And if you take a few minutes to look at the submitted posts and read through the feedback, you may see some answers that apply to your social media posts as well or may inspire you to try a new strategy.

Even sellers that do not sell on Etsy may benefit as the advice provided is not marketplace specific. Of course, Etsy hopes you may consider their platform now after reading the information 🙂

Let’s hope Etsy will do this same session or similar sessions in the future. This type of engagement is a good for Etsy and its sellers as both benefit from better social media engagement.

What do you think about Etsy’s Q&A social media Session? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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