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Etsy Updates Sellers on New Search Tests

About two weeks ago, Etsy shared with its sellers that it was testing some new search and visibility functions. We reported on these new features in our article.

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Today, Etsy updated their sellers on the progress and changes they are making to those features. The company states these updates are due to the feedback they received from Etsy sellers.


In addition to showing a badge for best selling items, Etsy will be testing a badge for items that are totally unique. They will use machine learning techniques to determine listings that qualify to receive this new badge.

Etsy shoppers will see the new badge appear later in the week on listings.


Etsy was testing ways to boost best selling items in search. However, the company got a lot of negative feedback on this feature as so many items are unique.

Instead, they are considering a way to highlight products and shops that are not based on the number of sales. No further information was provided, but it is likely going to be based on their tests with the new unique items badges.


The inventory and scarcity tests are in full swing. By the sound of it, they seem to be working for sellers, and Etsy stated that these tests are continuing and they will update sellers if they make this change permanent.

Overall, it seems Etsy is trying to be proactive with its sellers. Regardless of the real future of Etsy, any platform improvements are good. The fact they are listening to sellers is good news.

If you sell on Etsy and have seen some of these tests, let us know what your thoughts are in the comments section below.

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