Etsy Holiday Hotline

Etsy’s Holiday Hotline Incites Sellers’ Resentment

Etsy’s first-ever Holiday Hotline will surely benefit online shoppers as it aims to provide a solution to the dilemma of what Christmas presents to get friends and loved ones.

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Launched earlier this week, the hotline service will be manned by the eCommerce site’s team of experts. Callers will get free personalized shopping advice and gift suggestions based on who they’re shopping for, their budget, and the recipient’s special traits.

After their free consultation with the shopping gurus, each caller will receive an email with their personalized holiday gift ideas. They will also get a gift card that can be used to buy items on

The freebies don’t end there. Etsy’s press release also states that all callers get to enjoy free shipping on their orders.

Not all sellers are happy with the Holiday Hotline

Some sellers on expressed their resentment of the Holiday Hotline. They said the company can help shoppers find the perfect gift but couldn’t help sellers solve their problems, which are rooted in the eCommerce site.

Despite many sellers’ fiery reactions, some of them stayed on neutral ground and gave Etsy’s new effort the benefit of the doubt.

Here are some of the reactions of Etsy’s community members:

  • “Ohhh, I wonder if it is manned by the same people who man the customer service line.
    I don’t have a lot of faith.” – FenderMinerals
  • “I have no issue with people asking for help. I just don’t trust Etsy to give it.” –
  • “Wish they would call me for gift giving recommendations. I’ve got 251 of them at the
    moment.” – mkuznicki
  • “I wonder how your items end up being on the short list of recommendations.” –
  • “Two million shops. Two million sellers. How will they pick whom to showcase and who
    will be left by the side of the road. Unfortunately many of us. That’s why I have little
    faith in this helpline. If my items get recommended in any way I will simply faint or have
    a heart attack. It would be too too much.” – JDCreativeHands

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  1. I’m sure all the recommendations come from shops that have the highest revenue, are at the daily max on Etsy ads, and pay for the Plus subscription. There is no chance small shops’ items were recommended, even if they would have been perfect for the buyer.

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