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Facebook Marketplace Teams Up with eBay to Offer Daily Deals

Not even 24 hours ago we wrote about Facebook expanding its Marketplace to 17 European countries. Now we learn that Facebook has made a deal with eBay to show eBay Daily Deals on its Marketplace section.

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Image: Facebook | Marketplace with eBay Daily Deals
Image: Facebook | Marketplace with eBay Daily Deals

This feature is still in an experimental stage and not all users will see the new Daily Deal button in the Marketplace section of their Facebook app. Apparently only a tiny percentage of U.S. users are seeing the eBay powered Daily Deals button.

eBay did confirm the test of Marketplace Daily Deals on Facebook.

“At eBay, we are always looking to broaden our reach and surface inventory through new channels,” a spokesperson said. “We are currently running a test with a small subset of people on Facebook in the U.S. who can browse eBay’s Daily Deals on Facebook Marketplace.”

If you are one of the lucky users to test this new feature, you will find it in your Facebook mobile app (Android and IOS).The eBay deals show within the app by clicking on the round category button “Daily Deals” at the top of the menu screen.

The product checkout goes through eBay’s website in an in-app browser.


As it stands right now, the eBay Daily Deals integration is not an exclusive deal between eBay and Facebook. The social media giant may decide to integrate other feeds into the Marketplace section as it learns more about user engagement.

Also, there appears to be very little of eBay branding at the moment, and pricing does not appear on the main Facebook page. Once a user clicks on an item, pricing and other details about the deal will be visible, and the user will see an eBay logo.

Most deals in Marketplace are aggregated from Facebook Buy/Sell groups. So at this point, it appears Facebook is not trying to integrate any checkout functions or mean to monetize (share) in the sale. Many Facebook Marketplace transactions take place offline with cash payments.

Overall, the eBay integration does up the game as it provides a more streamlined eCommerce solution for users on Facebook. However, it is still a very timid approach to eCommerce by Facebook.

What do you think? How would you like eBay and Facebook to expand their collaboration? Or do you believe this is a bad idea and would prefer to see a Facebook run eCommerce integration? Let us know in the comments section below.

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