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FedEx Peak Season Surcharges and Fees for the 2022 Holiday Season

FedEx released its annual peak season surcharges for the upcoming busy holiday shipping season.

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“As FedEx prepares for high demand during [the] peak holiday season, we are adjusting our networks to best deliver for our customers. We again anticipate the surge in residential volume to carry over into the new year,” the company said in its announcement of this year’s surcharges.

In other words, the company is adding the peak season surcharges to cover the additional operational costs it incurs during this busy time.

Unfortunately, the company’s peak surcharges are becoming more complicated, with more services having multiple effective dates and fees.

In addition, FedEx continues to apply a dynamically adjusted Peak Residential Delivery Charge for high-volume shippers with more than 20,000 residential and FedEx Ground Economy packages weekly during peak season.

Enterprise-level shippers should check the FedEx website for details on how this additional surcharge is applied.

FedEx Per Package Peak Season Surcharges

Here are the FedEx announced Per Package Peak Season surcharges, with some to apply as early as September 5, 2022. This table applies to US shippers.

Surcharge NameApplicable ServicesSurchargeEffective Dates
Additional Handling SurchargeUS Express Package Services, US Ground Services, International Ground Service$3.45 per packageSept. 5, 2022–Oct. 2, 2022
$6.55 per packageOct. 3, 2022–Jan. 15, 2023
Oversize ChargeUS Express Package Services, US Ground Services, International Ground Service$39.50 per packageSept. 5, 2022–Oct. 2, 2022
$68.75 per packageOct. 3, 2022–Jan. 15, 2023
Ground Unauthorized Package ChargeUS Ground Services, International Ground Service$385.00 per packageOct. 3, 2022–Jan. 15, 2023
Peak SurchargeFedEx Ground Economy Package Services$1.50 per packageOct. 31, 2022–Nov. 27, 2022
$2.50 per packageNov. 28, 2022–Dec 11. 2022
$1.50 per packageDec. 12, 2022–Jan. 15, 2023

* See the FedEx Service Guide for the criteria and characteristics of these surcharges.
** FedEx Ground Economy is a contract-only service.

Note: USPS have also released their peak season surcharges already for 2022, which are pending approval by the PRS. UPS surcharges are available here, which are mostly on international shipments or apply to enterprise high-volume customers.

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