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Fill Your Cart With Colour eBay Campaigns Come to UK and Australia

eBay is expanding its brand marketing in two major English speaking markets, taking advantage of the popular U.S. campaign slogan “Fill Your Cart With Color.”

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The company did have to translate it from U.S. English by changing the spelling of “color” to colour” 😉 In all seriousness, the company created a new commercial for the UK that is 40 seconds, but mostly uses the same imagery from the U.S. adverts.


An internal study by eBay showed that Brits shop an average of four times per month to fuel their interests and passions. British buyers spent upwards of £1,217 a month expressing themselves through their homes, gardens, and hobbies.

The “Fill Your Cart With Colour” campaign is a fun interest and passion focused campaign, designed to engage those shoppers.

But the campaign is more than a commercial or slogan. The company also introduced new design elements to support the campaign as it restructured about one billion listings, so buyers enjoy the best online retail experience today.

Specifically, eBay UK state the following updates that have rolled out on their platform:

  • A new design focus on a conversion-based search and browsing experience.
  • Optimized mobility to set a new standard of convenience for shoppers on-the-go.
  • New search results pages make items easier to discover, so if buyers aren’t taken to the exact product they’re looking for, they’ll see other highly relevant items.
“In addition to creating a more personalised marketplace experience for our shoppers, we are celebrating their passions and telling their stories as part of our brand narrative, which is conveyed across a campaign spanning TV, digital, social and experiential.”

Gareth Jones, eBay’s Senior Director of Marketing


The primary goal of the campaign in Australia is the same. Engage Aussies on their interest and passions, but also prepare for a new competitor entering the market.

eBay has a 18-year history in Australia, supports now over 40,000 small businesses, 80 of the top 100 online retailers, and attracts over 11 million monthly unique visitors. This achievement is worth defending, especially against an arch rival like Amazon.

“At a time when the Australian retail sector is experiencing change, we are proud to celebrate our leadership in keeping Australian small business competitive, something that shines through in the campaign.”
“Our key point of difference is the breadth of our unique and interesting inventory and the strength of our community, entirely powered by the people of Australia,” Mackinnon continued.
“At the heart of eBay is a colourful and dynamic community, who turn to the marketplace to express their individuality through the way they shop. Our new brand positioning tells this story and is a reflection of the tight-knit, yet global community eBay has fostered,”

Tim Mackinnon, eBay’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand

Tim Mackinnon
Tim Mackinnon

As a side note, this week Tim Mackinnon was promoted to MD for Australia and New Zealand, part of the realignment of positions at eBay after Hal Lawton left the company last month.

If you are in the U.K. and Australia, we love to hear your thoughts on the introduction of the “Fill Your Cart With Colour” campaign to your markets. Do you think this will boost your sales as eBay hopes? Please let us know in the comments sections below.

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