Phonecheck Device History Report

Phonecheck Boosts Trust With Enhanced Device History Report When Selling Pre-Owned Mobile Devices

Phonecheck, an industry-leading mobile device certification provider, introduces a new level of trust and transparency for buying refurbished devices with its Device History Report.

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The industry’s first independently-validated CarFax-like Device History Report enables sellers of refurbished devices to deliver the full history and condition status via a comprehensive Device History Report to customers, before or after purchase, via print, link or QR code.

The report, generated by Phonecheck’s sophisticated device testing and analytics technology, validates the accuracy of listings for buyers, creating more confidence for certified device resale.

The Phonecheck Device History Report provides crucial details on device authenticity, ownership status, software version, battery percentage, component diagnostics, erasure and financial validity of each certified device.

In addition, each device will undergo a comprehensive data-wipe process in conformance with the Asset Disposal and Information Security Alliance (ADISA) standards.

Leading online refurbished marketplaces like eBay, Back Market and Swappa are leveraging the confidence and trust engineered by a “Phonecheck Certified” badge on device listings, encouraging sellers to offer the Device History Report as valuable documentation for discerning buyers.

Additionally, customers can utilize the Device History Report for a one-time data pull and third-party validation on a single device.

The report can be used as a tool to avoid costly hidden problems such as carrier eligibility, and cloud or financial locks on the device.

Whether buying or selling, the report gives both parties confidence they are looking at the same information about the device pulled from verified data.

“We encourage consumers to always look for our Device History Report when shopping for refurbished devices,said Jax Futrell, Chief Operating Officer at Phonecheck.

“Phonecheck’s certification removes any questions about a device’s quality, features and useability, and gives sellers an efficient and reliable process to get quality-assured phones back in circulation quickly.”

Phonecheck Certified Devices Can Bring Higher Resale Value

As more sellers enter the market and financial and sustainability issues make refurbished a more desirable option, consumers increasingly want regulated, industry-wide standards for quality and authenticity.

As the competition heats up, sellers are looking for ways to differentiate, increase sales and generate more revenue per device.

By leveraging the use of comprehensive device certification from Phonecheck, sellers typically see much brisker sales and higher resale value.

Price differences between a certified used device vs. an uncertified device can be up to $100.

But the most important aspect of the listing value when it is certified is that the buyer trusts the transaction and is more willing to purchase.

The buyer is shown the complete quality of the phone, tablet or wearable device upfront and has confidence that there are no hidden secrets.

Phonecheck guarantees the data-driven accuracy of its comprehensive checks and reports on a device-specific basis, so that the used device is represented properly.

The certification process includes over 80 checks that include erasure, functional diagnostics, battery health, repair history carrier locks or outstanding finance, and whether it has been reported lost or stolen.  

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