December 26 - What is open or closed today?

December 26, Are USPS, UPS, FedEx Open Today? Here Is What’s Closed the Monday After Christmas Day

Are USPS, UPS, or FedEx open on Monday, December 26? This may sound like an unusual question, but with Christmas Day (December 25) falling on a Sunday, how does this affect government agencies and businesses today? Let’s take a look.

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Whenever Christmas falls on Sunday, federal workers get their day off the following Monday. Therefore, the US Postal Service is not operating today, which means:

  • No counter operations at retail post offices around the country.
  • No regular mail delivery.
  • No regular mail pick-up.
  • No mail pickup from USPS mailboxes.
  • No USPS phone customer service.

What is open or operational today at USPS?

  • Access PO Boxes at most locations, if separated area from counter operations/lobby.
  • Use self-service machines at most locations, if separated area from counter operations/lobby.
  • Online USPS Click-N-Ship is fully functional.
  • Inside and outside USPS mailboxes are open 24/7 – but outside boxes could become full at busy post office locations.


UPS is also not operating on December 26, no pick-ups and deliveries, and most UPS Store locations are closed as well. UPS Express Critical, a specialty service is available today.


FedEx Express and FedEx Freight are not operating today. FedEx Ground, including Home Delivery, is making deliveries on Monday. Pickups are limited and only available to business customers with advance notice.

FedEx Office locations are generally open today but could have limited hours in some areas. And FedEx SameDay City is operating today as well.


Business as usual, the company is making deliveries today.

Government Offices, Banks and Businesses

  • Local, State, and Federal Government Offices are closed on December 26.
  • Most banks and financial services companies are also closed.
  • Many large businesses are giving their employees off today as well.
  • Most major retailers and restaurants will be open on Monday.
  • Small independent retailers and restaurants may be closed or operating with limited hours only. Call before going.

Tips for Sellers on December 26

Today will be a bit tricky for online sellers as some buyers may think this is a normal day, while others know that USPS, UPS and many other businesses are closed.

Here are some tips on how to deal with shipments on December 26.

Process shipments as usual, but a good practice is to notify buyers that today is an “Observed Holiday” and UPS, as well as the other carriers, are either not operating or on a limited basis only.

Buyers will still get a tracking number, but by notifying them of today’s unique holiday situation, they will not expect to see any movement scans until Tuesday.

There really is not an option for overnight or urgent shipments today.

If you are using USPS Scan Forms, the best practice is to close out the day as usual. Some shipping platforms may not allow this, or they may allow rolling over today’s shipments to the next business day. Check with them for details.

Avoid using outside USPS mailboxes (the blue boxes) at busy post office locations as they could become very full and recently have been targeted by thieves.

eBay, Etsy, Poshmark, PayPal and other platforms that offer USPS shipping services will all process USPS labels today. However, most of them will not inform buyers that today is an observed holiday in their tracking notifications.

Remember, winter weather is a major story this year, check our USPS domestic service disruptions page for the latest information as it still may be affecting operations this week.

New Year’s Day “Observed” – January 2, 2023

Much of what applies today will also apply on Monday, January 2, 2023, the day after New Year’s Day as it is another “observed” holiday.

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