Amazon Delivery Truck Off-road

Amazon Delivery Truck Goes Off-Road To Avoid Traffic!

Amazon is coming under more scrutiny this week as one of their big Amazon delivery trucks has been filmed veering off-road and over a grass verge in a bid to avoid traffic delays. TikTok user Cami Hardman who was in a traffic jam in Texas posted her video to TikTok showing not an Amazon van, but a full-on semi-truck veering off-road.

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Luckily the truck didn’t get stuck in the grass ditch and it even paved the way for an SUV driver to follow suit.

While we all know the frustration of being stuck in traffic the point remain that it always seems to be an Amazon-branded truck that is going to questionable lengths in order to do their job. Which begs the question why?

Are Amazon Delivery Truck Drivers Under Unfair Pressure?

Unfortunately, traffic is unavoidable for all logistics companies, not just Amazon. But in recent months Amazon has come under increasing scrutiny for how the Amazon delivery truck drivers were being treated and the demands put on them. The stories of drivers being forced to urinate in bottles due to not having time for bathroom breaks are widespread, and a few months ago we covered the unfortunate story of an Amazon driver appearing to go through a kind of breakdown whilst working.

There were many sympathetic commenters on the TikTok video who were primarily concerned for the driver who clearly felt he needed to do this. One user commenting:

“This low key makes me sad cause that truck driver is probably legitimately stressed trying not to get fired,”

@mrs.unitedstates, TikTok user.

Several other commenters on TikTok also pointed out that as this video was taken in Texas, the act of driving off-road to get out of traffic is common in the state, and therefore may not have been anything to be particularly concerned about.

Regardless this is another incident that put Amazon delivery truck drivers back in the spotlight and questions their treatment from the eCommerce giant.

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