Amazon delivery van with Driveri parked on a residential street

Amazon Delivery Van Targeted By Grenade in Oklahoma City


A man in Oklahoma City is wanted by police after apparently throwing an inert grenade into a moving Amazon delivery van and forcing the driver to bail out whilst on his route earlier this week.

The driver told police he was delivering packages when he spotted a man walking along the sidewalk. He said that he had the van’s sliding door open when he heard something hit the floor in the rear of the vehicle and noticed what looked like a grenade when he looked for the noise.

With the Amazon delivery van still in motion, the driver said that he jumped out “without even thinking about it” and sustained minor injuries to his knees after landing in the street. He said the van continued moving until it crashed into a mailbox and a parked car.

Amazon Delivery Driver Attempts To Save Packages

The delivery driver for Amazon then stated that “after the van came to a stop and since his adrenaline was running, he made a quick decision to run back to the van, grab the grenade and toss it out of the van,” according to the police report. “[The driver] stated after he tossed the grenade he just ran far away from it.” 

Officers responded to the scene and confirmed that the thrown object was indeed a grenade, the report said. Nearby residents were evacuated as a precaution and the bomb squad removed the device.

Thankfully it was determined that the grenade was an inert explosive device and did not pose a threat to life. Surveillance footage was captured from the Amazon delivery van which previously has come under scrutiny, however, in this instance, it turns out to have been positive in this situation.

No arrests have been made so far however the surveillance camera is looking for a light skin male with curly hair who was wearing a red shirt, shorts, and no shoes.

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