Amazon Easter Sunday

Did You Deliver on Easter Sunday? Amazon Did

Happy Easter! We hope you had a fantastic weekend and found some time to take it easy and enjoy the break.  Some people who didn’t take a break however were Amazon.

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Easter Sunday is one of the major religious ‘holidays’ in the UK even if it is always on a Sunday considered by many to be a day off.  For many in the UK Good Friday and Easter Monday ensure a long 4 day weekend which the majority of businesses will observe.

If you are an eCommerce seller however and you took advantage of the long weekend, then Amazon was potentially picking up your customers.

Amazon Next Day Delivery On Easter Sunday

So to set the scene it was Saturday and I realized I needed something however presumed due to Easter that the earliest I would get the product would be Tuesday unless I wanted to venture into the world of high street retail (I didn’t)

So I placed the order on Amazon and was surprised to see “Free Next Day Delivery” on an order of £6.99 for Easter Sunday.

True to form however Amazon kept its word and promptly delivered my item on Easter Sunday.

Amazon Easter Sunday

Who Can Compete With Amazon?

Amazon for years now has always painted itself as the perfect seller and here once again is another example of them living up to that claim.

This begs the question of how anyone competes with Amazon as a seller when they are going to the lengths which SMEs are going to struggle with.

Having some skin in the game when it comes to FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) is one simple way for sellers to utilize Amazon’s impressive logistics network.

Obviously, this doesn’t make sense for some bulky products, but if the margin is there, then having products in FBA is a great place to trial the Amazon Prime effect.

How do you envisage SMEs competing with Amazon without getting into bed with them?

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