eBay Acquires Certilogo

eBay Acquires Certilogo To Help Buyers Ensure They Purchase Authentic Fashion and Apparel


eBay has announced the acquisition of Certilogo, a cutting-edge platform that harnesses digital technology to empower brands and designers in efficiently overseeing the entire lifecycle of their garments.

Certilogo provides consumers with a seamless solution to authenticate products, access trustworthy information about branded items, and conveniently participate in circular services.

The strategic acquisition by eBay solidifies its standing as a reliable destination for acquiring pre-loved apparel and fashion items. This move represents a notable investment in the growing pre-loved fashion industry, instilling customers with greater assurance as they make sustainable purchasing choices.

“For many years, consumers have turned to eBay as a trusted destination for buying and selling preloved apparel and fashion goods, not only because of the unmatched selection, but because of our commitment to utilizing the latest technology to empower our sellers and buyers,” said Charis Marquez, VP, eBay.

“Certilogo’s technology and talented team allows eBay to build on this commitment, establishing eBay as a leader in pre-loved fashion, and offering new ways for consumers to connect and engage with brands.”

Who is Certilogo?

Certilogo helps in combating counterfeiting and maintaining the integrity of branded apparel and fashion products. On the consumer side, Certilogo enables individuals to easily authenticate their purchases, ensuring they are buying genuine and high-quality items.

The company’s innovative solution has become increasingly important in the fashion industry, where counterfeit goods pose a significant challenge.

Their technology not only strengthens consumer confidence but also promotes sustainability by facilitating circular practices, such as reselling and recycling, which contribute to a more environmentally friendly approach to fashion consumption.

“Certilogo was created to build connections between consumers and brands, utilizing technology to simplify and strengthen those relationships and unlock information that fundamentally changes how we interact with apparel and accessories,” added Michele Casucci, CEO and Founder, Certilogo.

“eBay pioneered recommerce, while Certilogo pioneered connected products and consumer-facing digital authentication. By joining forces, we will be able to make an immediate and significant contribution, taking advantage of already consolidated skills and infrastructures, promoting a model that has its foundation in community and circularity.”

Fashion Authenticity Guarantee in eBay’s Future?

The eBay acquisition suggests a potential expansion of their authenticity guarantee to high-end fashion items. While integration details were not disclosed, it opens up intriguing possibilities for the platform as it continues to expand its focus categories.

As always, the completion of the acquisition is contingent upon fulfilling customary conditions, including obtaining regulatory approvals, and is projected to take place in the third quarter. Financial details of the transaction were not disclosed at this time.

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