Avalara Partners with eBay on International Shipping Program

eBay Partners With Avalara To Manage Cross Border Compliance for Its New International Shipping Solution


Earlier today, eBay made its official announcement about its latest global shipping solution for U.S.-based sellers. One of the most significant challenges for shippers when sending goods across borders is dealing with customs duties and fees. And that is where eBay partnered with Avalara to manage their new program.

Avalara software will be integrated into eBay International Shipping, allowing for the automatic determination of Harmonized System (HS) commodity classification codes, the identification of item-specific trade restrictions, and the calculation of landed cost pricing for millions of products listed on eBay.

“eBay is passionate about giving people the resources they need to connect with the things they love — no matter what country or category,” said Adam Ireland, VP and GM, eBay U.S.

“With eBay International Shipping, we’re making global connections even more accessible, affordable, and profitable, significantly increasing the volume of items available to shoppers in 200+ countries, and making it even easier for our sellers to tap a universe of new business opportunities.”

Avalara Streamlines Cross-Border Compliance for eBay Sellers

Many consumers globally turn to online shopping to find products at lower prices, access items that may be difficult to find in their own country, or purchase products from popular foreign brands.

Juniper Research estimates that cross-border ecommerce will surpass $2.1 trillion in value by 2023. To sell products globally, businesses need to adhere to customs duties and import taxes, which can be intricate and costly to manage.

To ensure accurate landed cost pricing, tools must factor in HS codes, trade restrictions, and actual shipment clearance expenses. This helps to provide accurate calculations, lower compliance risks, and prevent disruptions to customer satisfaction.

eBay has created a solution through eBay International Shipping, allowing its millions of sellers to make their products accessible to buyers globally.

With Avalara’s cross-border solutions, selling products globally becomes a hassle-free process. The system automates the identification and mapping of tariff codes to products, and calculates customs duties and import taxes.

eBay users will be able to access several of Avalara’s cross-border solutions directly, including Avalara Cross-Border Estimated, Avalara Managed Tariff Code Classification, and Avalara Trade Restrictions Management.

“Ecommerce and cross-border consumer demand are booming as global marketplaces make it possible for businesses of all sizes to sell to customers anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, the complexity of cross-border compliance often stands in the way of that opportunity for sellers,” said Jayme Fishman, EVP and GM of Indirect Tax at Avalara.

“With Avalara’s cross-border solutions embedded within eBay’s International Shipping program, we’re able to simplify cross-border compliance complexity and reduce potential customer experience disruptions by providing more transparent landed cost pricing for global buyers and helping ensure parcels meet local customs requirements.”

Avalara is committed to partner success. Its new collaboration with eBay demonstrates the company’s dedication to supporting the goals of its partners, which in this case means enabling sellers in the United States to reach more customers globally.

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