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eBay Releases 2019 “Early” Seller Update

eBay Releases an “2019 Early Seller Update” for US eBay sellers. The company announced it also will issue a “regular” Seller Update in late April.

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Here are the key items this seller update covers:

  • Send offers to buyers with new feature
  • Edit active listings directly in Seller Hub
  • Download the Orders Report directly in Seller Hub
  • Listing duration for all fixed price listings will be Good ‘Til Cancelled
  • Provide item specifics to list items without the eBay catalog
  • Automatic updates of “New other” condition listings
  • Terapeak subscription is now available on eBay
  • State sales tax requirement update

The most significant news in this update is that all fixed price listings will now be GTC (Good ‘Til Cancelled) listings. That may bring some headaches to sellers that used limited time GTC listings to run flash sales.

eBay also will provide more transparency on sales tax they have collected. Again, most seller won’t care, but it may make a difference for those that also need to file their own sales tax reports with various state agencies.

To see the full details on the key items covered in this update, please visit eBay’s page here.

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One Comment

  1. Bruce Wayne says:

    After being a Seller on ebay for 20 years, I am Now Done with them. Because of their Greed, my 600+ listings will end and likely never be seen again.
    It is NOT ebay’s place to Take and Have More and More Control of MY Listings, of My Items and how I Choose to Try to sell them.
    Try…since my sales are practically non-existent the last few years, since Everything, Every Change, that ebay implements, is in the Favor of Buyers, and Against the Sellers.
    So, ebay has Finally Destroyed any hope I had of selling my stuff.
    I Am Done.

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