eBay Summer Seller Update 2023

eBay Releases 2023 Summer Seller Update


eBay unveiled its highly anticipated Summer Seller Update, introducing several noteworthy but relatively minor changes and enhancements to the platform.

This update aspires to provide sellers with improved tools and resources to help them thrive on the marketplace.

Let’s delve into the key updates of the Summer Seller Update for 2023 that will shape the selling experience on eBay over the coming months.

Improvements to Payment Dispute

eBay has enhanced the process for sellers to handle payment disputes and can now benefit from the following improvements:

  1. Enhanced Explanation: Sellers now have the option to include additional details and provide a clear explanation, up to 1000 characters, when challenging a payment dispute.
  2. Multiple File Uploads: Sellers can now upload up to 5 separate files containing essential information such as tracking details, shipping labels, messages, and photos (max for files is 1.75 MB or less). The information must be uploaded within 5 days. Previously, only a single file upload was allowed, necessitating the combination of multiple files into one.

By submitting the provided information, the company will share it with the buyer’s payment institution, raising the chance of a successful challenge. Furthermore, the information submitted may increase the likelihood of qualifying for eBay’s seller protection.

Reporting Inappropriate Messages

In order to maintain a secure marketplace, eBay has introduced new features that allow users to report inappropriate messages and block members directly from their conversations.

The company places a high priority on preventing abusive behavior, and these security measures empower users to act against any messages or members that may violate eBay’s policies.

Users are encouraged to report any inappropriate messages and can also choose to block a member from further communication.

eBay will review user submitted reports and take appropriate action. This may include issuing warnings, blocking members from sending messages or suspending their accounts.

By selecting the “Block this member” option, users can easily prevent a specific member from sending messages, bidding on items, or making purchases. It’s important to note that blocking a member does not automatically report them to eBay.

Keep Listings Compliant with EU and UK Regulations

Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) Regulations

Selling products in countries like France and Germany requires compliance with local regulations, which can significantly affect your business operations. To assist sellers in navigating international regulations and ensuring compliance, eBay has developed specific Help pages.

For sellers targeting the French and German markets, eBay has published essential information on Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) regulations.

These regulations are part of a broader European Union (EU) initiative aimed at safeguarding the environment by enhancing waste management practices and promoting recycling innovations. Additional information may be published as other EU member countries may adopt similar regulations.

Selling Hazardous Materials

When selling certain items containing hazardous materials to customers in the EU or the United Kingdom, it is mandatory to disclose the hazardous characteristics in the listing. This information can be obtained from the item’s label or accompanying documentation.

It is imperative that when creating or revising a listing for such items, sellers must include this information.

To simplify this process, eBay has developed an item disclosure module that automatically appears when listing items in potentially impacted categories. The module will prompt sellers to add the required hazardous materials information during the listing creation process.

For sellers shipping to the EU or UK using eBay International Shipping, eBay will assess the eligibility of items based on the listed category and will not ship hazardous materials through the program.

Updates to Promoted Listings Standard

eBay has introduced two new features for Promoted Listings Standard, designed to simplify the management and comprehension of ad rates, ultimately enhancing competitiveness in the ever-evolving marketplace.

The first feature is dynamic ad rates, providing sellers with the choice between fixed or dynamic ad rate strategies.

With the dynamic ad rate option, ad rates are automatically adjusted based on eBay’s daily suggestions, allowing sellers to stay aligned with market trends and maximize their campaign’s effectiveness.

Sellers can set a cap to ensure control over the adjustment range. This feature saves time and facilitates competitiveness within the eBay marketplace.

The second feature, ad rate forecasting, will soon be introduced. When creating or editing a campaign, sellers will have access to a performance indicator that predicts the potential success of the campaign based on the current ad rate.

This estimated impression share helps sellers make informed decisions about their ad rates and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

eBay International Shipping Now Available to All Eligible U.S. Sellers

In a bid to facilitate smoother international transactions and mitigate the growing complexities surrounding selling and shipping regulations across borders, eBay previously announced the expansion of its eBay International Shipping (eIS) to all eligible US sellers.

The company is reiterating this program in this year’s Summer Seller Update to bring further exposure to the opportunity of selling globally.

eBay International Shipping aims to provide greater accessibility for global buyers to U.S. inventory, while also offering sellers the advantage of reduced shipping expenses and access to a larger customer base.

It is a comprehensive solution, that tackles the intricacies and obstacles associated with global shipping.

eIS offers a range of benefits, including simplified international shipments and the handling of all international shipping details, such as customs paperwork, without imposing any additional fees on sellers.

By simply shipping their items to eBay’s domestic shipping hub, sellers can rest assured that the rest of the shipping process will be taken care of.

Furthermore, eBay International Shipping ensures hassle-free returns for sellers. The platform assumes responsibility for managing and covering the costs of returns, allowing sellers to retain the sale.

Orders placed through eIS are eligible for 30-day returns, further enhancing customer satisfaction and confidence in the platform.

In addition to streamlining shipping and returns, eBay International Shipping provides added protection for sellers. Once an item reaches eBay’s shipping hub, sellers are safeguarded against common buyer claims, such as “Item Not Received,” chargebacks, and negative or neutral feedback.

This enhanced level of security grants peace of mind to sellers engaging in international transactions.

Moreover, the expansion of eBay International Shipping unlocks immense potential for both sellers and international buyers alike.

By leveraging this service, international buyers gain access to a wider range of U.S. listings at significantly lower shipping costs compared to alternatives like USPS and the Global Shipping Program (GSP).

This increased accessibility is expected to foster greater cross-border trade and drive economic growth for sellers by reaching a larger global audience.

eBay’s initiative to expand its eBay International Shipping services demonstrates its commitment to simplifying the process of international selling and shipping, benefiting both sellers and buyers.

As the platform sets eIS as the default method for shipping internationally in the coming weeks, sellers can look forward to reduced complexities and enhanced opportunities for global sales.

Reduce Unpaid Items

In response to the challenges posed by unpaid items, eBay has been diligently working to enhance the selling experience for its users.

Building upon its efforts to minimize unpaid items in Buy It Now sales, the company continues to focus on extending these improvements to Best Offer listings.

Encouraging results have already been observed during initial testing, with notable enhancements in successful payments for Best Offer items. As the features are progressively introduced, eBay remains vigilant in monitoring these trends.

Regarding changes in Buy It Now purchases, buyers will now be directed straight to the checkout process, where they must furnish a payment method to secure their chosen item.

With Best Offer listings, eBay is testing a new feature that requires buyers to have a payment method on file before they can place offers.

Once the seller accepts an offer, eBay will automatically retrieve payment from the buyers’ chosen payment method, eliminating the need for buyers to return to eBay to complete their purchase. Over the following weeks, this feature will be gradually implemented for the majority of Best Offer listings.

Upon implementation, these modifications will apply to most buyer offers, thereby alleviating the need for sellers to update or modify their Best Offer listings. Furthermore, eBay is actively engaged in adapting this feature to accommodate seller-initiated offers and counteroffers.


As mentioned earlier, the updates introduced in the 2023 Summer Seller Update are relatively benign, with several of them having been previously introduced in some capacity. This focus by eBay on enhancing existing features we view positively.

Most important, the avoidance of complicated new “fee adjustments” that would increase prices is particularly noteworthy, bringing some relief to sellers for now. Let’s see how long that will last.

Summer/June Seller Updates in Other eBay Markets (English Speaking)

This seller update is specific for sellers in the United States. Other updates in foreign markets may differ. Here is a list of the three primary English-speaking marketplaces eBay services and links to the updates released in those countries.

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