eBay U.S. Marketing Fall Preview

As the eCommerce season heats up by moving into the important holiday sales season, eBay provided an update to sellers on how the company is bringing more buyers and sellers together.

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Some of these campaigns were previewed in our eBay Open coverage. But they are live now!


Apple announced new iPhone products and Android phone makers are not too far behind (or leading the way, whichever side you prefer).

With that, there is an excellent opportunity to sell older smartphones as shoppers around this time are looking for deals. Besides reducing stock on older models for Holiday shoppers, there is still a very vibrant community of buyers that purchase pre-owned or refurbished phones.

With that in mind, eBay started a campaign this month to entice users to sell their old phones and purchase new phones.

Get the Most Money for Your Phone on eBay campaign uses an interactive value builder and eBay’s product catalog to help sellers list their existing phones so they can move to newer models.

This used phone promo is in conjunction with promotions and banner ads eBay is launching to help professional mobile device sellers take advantage of the tech savvy user base on eBay. And eBay will highlight huge discounts to all shoppers (mostly by comparing to original retail prices).

Shoppers will find an interactive comparison tool to help them find the best smartphone for their budget. This tool will utilize the information from the eBay product pages that are becoming a mainstay on the platform.


Millennials are rushing to the internet to buy the latest designs and trends in fashion. As an eBay seller, eBay wants to make sure you get a slice of that pie.

eBay released some shareable videos and fun industry pieces to help you market your products. But most important, eBay will promote fashion across multiple platforms to drive business to the site.

This campaign includes attention grabbing banners, and right now they are running a Facebook promotion utilizing the #MyFashionWeek hashtag.

Expect more fashion related promotions as we get closer to the holiday season. Fashion is a top priority for eBay.


Recently eBay added online repair manuals. And for most of this year, they have been promoting eBay motors on NASCAR telecasts.

In addition to promotions, the company expanded their catalog and search functionality on eBay Motors.

Later in October, eBay kicks off another “On The Road with eBay Motors” event at SEMA, the main industry show for aftermarket performance parts.


And before the main season really gets going, there is Halloween. On eBay now there is a showcase dedicated to Halloween products with lots of decor, costumes, and collectibles.


eBay is continuing to complement the branding campaigns of “Fill Your Cart With Color” and “But Did You Check eBay?” with on-platform campaigns.

This time of the year is the most important for most retailers. And eBay wants to make sure they are a good partner to make you successful.

The company even made sure that sellers impacted by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma will be able to participate by offering a little help to keep the doors open.

eBay is a very different company today. While they may have increased fees and slashed top seller discounts, the company is putting a lot of effort and money into acquiring more buyers and sales.

What do you think about these promotions and eBay’s current marketing strategy? Do you think you will benefit? Let us know in the comments section below.

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