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Entitled Amazon Driver Expects Regular Customers To Provide Snacks (Video)


An Amazon driver has taken to social media and called out customers for not leaving her snacks in a viral video that has sparked debate on social media.

The video, which was reposted on Twitter by @grindfacetv_, shows the person wearing her Amazon driver uniform and appearing quite annoyed while asking customers why they don’t leave her snacks when she delivers to them regularly.

While it is not sure where the original video was posted, the reupload on Twitter has had over 1.2 million views and has divided opinions among Twitter users.

In the video the unnamed driver states the following:

“If you order from Amazon every day, every other day or every week, I’m pretty sure you got the same driver almost every day. And you ain’t putting no snacks out there?!” the driver says in the video.

Amazon Drivers View Divides Opinion

While some Twitter users found the video amusing and joked about leaving snacks out for their own delivery drivers, others empathized with the driver’s plea for a little kindness.

“I feel her tho i work for them too ion be expecting nothing but a lil caprisun Rice Krispie treat really make my day,” wrote one user, who is also a delivery driver.

However, some viewers argued that leaving snacks for delivery drivers should not be an expectation, but rather a nice gesture when possible.

“I think if you have packages every single day it would be cool if you did something every now and then. But I definitely don’t think you should have to,” wrote another user.

Others pointed out that not everyone can afford to leave snacks for delivery drivers, and that this gesture tends to be more common in wealthier neighborhoods.

“Sorry, this is not a business. You want snacks bring your own. Why do people feel like I gotta do sum 4 them. I paid for my items and your company pays YOU.” – Said another Twitter user

While the age of the driver is not known, others have speculated that this is a growing example of entitlement among Gen-Z workers. Either way, the clip certainly got people talking and while it isn’t the first viral clip featuring an Amazon driver, it definitely is the first of this kind.

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