Etsy Adds Affiliate Marketers to Offsite Ads Program


Etsy announced it is adding curated affiliate marketers to its Offsite Ads Program it launched a year ago. Just as before, Etsy sellers will be paying for leads the program brings to their listings that result in a sale.

“We’ll share Etsy listings and shops directly with top publishers so when they’re creating shopping experiences for their sites, they can choose to feature amazing products from Etsy sellers like you. Editors from these sites select the items they want to feature — which could earn you valuable spotlights in the shopping content and experiences these publishers create. Plus, we’ll be adding new publishing partners to the network over time.”

Etsy Blog Post

In addition to publishers, Etsy said it would also share Etsy listings with social media influencers and bloggers. Additionally, the company is expanding from Google Shopping to the full Google Display Network, which will make more listings available on sites that partner with Google.

Etsy sellers should already see a new Offsite Ads dashboard that enables them to see traffic and sales the seller has received from the new channels.

To help sellers get accustomed to this new program, Etsy will not charge sellers an Offside Ads fee on any orders they receive from the new publishing promotion until March 24, 2021.

Etsy seller can learn more about this new addition to the Offsite Ads program by visiting this link.

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