Etsy 2022 Holiday Season Campaign - To The Travelers
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Etsy Announces 2022 Holiday Campaigns for US, UK and Germany


Etsy has kicked off its 2022 holiday season campaign with new TV spots produced for the US, UK, and German markets.

This year’s holiday campaign builds on the successful storytelling spots from last year by enticing shoppers to discover Etsy sellers who offer one-of-a-kind gifts for all kinds of relationships and budgets.

The campaign includes two branding spots, ‘To the Travelers’ and ‘To the New Parents,’ telling stories of how people give and how giving connects us.

‘To the Travelers’ follows families traveling near and far to spend the holidays together, reconnect with loved ones and give that perfect gift.

Etsy released four spots for this campaign; one 60 second, one 30 second, and one 15 second version for the US market.

For the UK audience, there is only one 60 second version which only differs from the US version by replacing the voice-over at the end of the spot with a British-accented voice.

Etsy said that the ‘To the New Parents’ spot highlights the new parent’s experience of their first holiday together through thoughtful, personalized gifts.

For the US market, the company released one 60 second and one 15 second spot. And for the UK market, there is a 30 second and 10 second spot

For the German market, Etsy has released two branding spots as well. The first spot is called ‘Ein Missverständnis’ (‘A Misunderstanding’) and the second spot is called ‘Von Mir’ (‘From Me’).

Both German spots promote handmade gifts, somewhat initially making the receivers believe the gift giver made them themselves. Of course, the spots end with the gift giver admitting they bought them on Etsy.

Etsy Direct Spots

In addition, Etsy’s holiday campaign will also include two direct spots, ‘The Tree’ and ‘The Table,’ which the company explained are quick snapshots of all of the beautiful, handcrafted items Etsy sellers have to offer — at all price points.

The direct campaigns will feature the company’s new creative platform, ‘Etsy has It,’ showcasing a wide variety of unique items from sellers, ideal for all occasions.

While Etsy has not released videos for this campaign yet either, on its surface, the premise for the direct spots sounds a bit similar to the old eBay ‘But Did you Check eBay?‘ campaign.

We will update this post once Etsy releases videos of these campaigns on its YouTube Channel.

Just as last year, the Etsy holiday season spots were produced in partnership with creative agency 72andSunny New York.

Note: This post was updated on 11/14 to include links for the ‘To the New Parents’ spots which were not released on the date of the original publication of this article.

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