Etsy Advertising Platform Update

Etsy Adds New Options for Sellers to Manage Ad Campaigns on the Platform

Etsy released an update to its Etsy Ads tool that enables sellers to pick which ads should be promoted to buyers on the marketplace.

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“We’ve made improvements to the Etsy Ads Dashboard based on feedback from sellers like you. These changes give you more control over your advertising campaign. Plus, they make it easier for sellers with lots of listings to decide which products to advertise,” the company explained in a blog post.

Using the new listing-level statistics, Etsy sellers can dig deeper into the data to see how their campaigns are performing. Sellers can see the click rate and Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) for each of the listings they’re advertising.

  • Click rate is the percentage of ad views that result in a click.
  • ROAS tells sellers how much they’ve made from every dollar they’ve invested in advertising.

Detailed stats can help sellers better understand which ads generate the most traffic to listings so that sellers can maximize their advertising budget.

Etsy redesigned the page in a way so that sellers can see all of the stats for each listing they have added advertising to. In addition, the company added a toggle for sellers that will allow them to easily start or stop advertising on a listing based on how well it is doing.

Etsy Advertising Campaign Toggle On/Off
Source: Etsy

Seller response on the Etsy community forum has been generally positive about these changes. However, several sellers suggest that Etsy add a way for them to limit advertising campaigns to specific countries.

While this isn’t possible right now, there is a workaround whereby sellers can limit to which countries items may ship, and in those cases, Etsy doesn’t display the ad to potential buyers in that country.

For Etsy sellers that are new to creating ad campaigns on the platform, the company has a blog post that will help them get started and make the most of using the advertising features the marketplace offers.

Changes Do Not Affect How Etsy Offsite Ads Work

These changes do not change how Etsy uses listings to advertise seller listings on third-party platforms.

The Offsite Ads program, introduced in 2020, has been controversial with sellers they cannot opt out of the program and when an item sells through the Offsite advertising, the seller pays a higher transaction fee.

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