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OnBuy Moving to New Global Headquarter Building in Bournemouth Town Centre


OnBuy is moving its headquarters. No big drama, no pitting cities against each other trying to outdo themselves on tax credits (remember Amazon’s search for HQ2?), just a move to a bigger building that will help the fast-growing British-based marketplace expand in the UK and beyond.

The new OnBuy headquarters will be located in Bournemouth, a coastal resort town on the south coast of England, near the Richmond Hill Roundabout in Bournemouth Town Centre.

OnBuy House – the name the company gave the new building it is occupying – will provide a 12,049 sq ft base for OnBuy’s team, complementing its Manchester presence and an army of remote workers nationwide.

The company will occupy four stories in the building with ample break-out areas and a spacious roof terrace with stunning sea views.

“We’ve always been on a steep growth trajectory, but we realized quickly that we needed to upgrade our space – particularly when we ran out of desks! While plenty of companies are downsizing in favor of ‘WFH’ or hot-desking, I’ve always believed in creating a space where our team can think, do and thrive. We have fully adopted the need for a hybrid model ensuring we attract and develop the very best talent, but the offices are here to be the heart of the company, to provide a fantastic hub for collaboration and a place to come and enjoy being at work.”

Cas Paton, Founder & CEO of OnBuy

Images of the new building make it easy to understand why OnBuy didn’t run off to the ‘London Bubble’ and instead, stayed local in support of the region that helped it grow to date.

The new building is only about 4 miles from its current offices next to the A338 roadway, avoiding costly employee turnover a major move would likely have caused.

But the south coast of England is not just a scenic area where tourists flock for holiday, its desirable quality-of-life environment has attracted other tech companies and is increasingly being referred to as ‘Silicon Beach.’

This term was derived from California’s Silicon Valley, but the area does share the term with another tech hub spot in California, the westside of Los Angeles, around LAX and north of the airport.

However, unlike its California namesakes, ‘Silicon Beach’ or Bournemouth is not an overbuilt major metro area with almost 24/7 traffic congestion that would rival London.

The combination of a desirable quality-of-life environment area along with a growing tech-savvy workforce should help OnBuy continue to attract the talent it needs to expand its business.

“I’d like to offer my congratulations to Cas and the team at OnBuy on their move to their new HQ in Bournemouth. We work closely with OnBuy as Dorset Chamber Premier Business Partners as one of the leading tech businesses in the South and this move mirrors the meteoric growth of the business over the last couple of years. This achievement is another step on this incredible journey and we are proud to be working with OnBuy.”

Ian Girlin, Chief Executive of the Dorset Chamber of Commerce

OnBuy Jobs

After a significant recruitment drive in 2021, OnBuy has seen its team expand from a few team members to more than 100 employees. Furthermore, the company will continue to need to bring more talent onboard as it executes its expansion plans.

In December, OnBuy launched its employee equity scheme, making 100% of the team shareholders in the business, a major benefit that will sweeten the pot for prospective hires.

OnBuy needs to fill many roles from entry-level to mid-level positions that are required to run a modern tech company today. While it beefed up its ‘executive-level’ as well in 2021, the company is still looking to fill leadership roles.

This week on LinkedIn, Cas Paton, founder and CEO of OnBuy, said he is now looking for “an amazing, experienced, driven (e-commerce) marketing director.”

Paton is not worried about finding the best and brightest talent. Between the desirable new office location, the unique benefits of the area, and its fast growth, OnBuy is a fantastic opportunity.

“The Southwest is where OnBuy was born, and I truly believe that there is a world of talent beyond the M25 to be tapped into. We’re known for hiring the best and brightest, and with our coastal base we’ve been able to bring on board a range of people with diverse skills that will help take us to the next level,” said Paton.

OnBuy’s formal move from its old offices to the new building in Bournemouth Town Centre will happen in February, a perfect time as it gets ready for the next chapter in the company’s growth, global expansion.

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