Amazon packages dumped Oklahoma

Over 500 Amazon Packages Found Dumped in Oklahoma – Updated 1/7/22


An investigation is underway in Oklahoma after close to 600 Amazon packages have been found dumped in the area of 206th Street and Harrah Road. The packages had all been opened with the desirable content missing and the undesirable left strewed with the opened packaging.

With Amazon quickly becoming regarded as the leading and favored logistics company around, due to their record in communication and speedy deliveries, it begs the question of how did the packages manage to go missing.

It turns out that these Amazon packages left the facility destined for the local USPS office, but they in fact never arrived. As investigations continue the Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office has urged residents who believe they have been a victim of package theft to not contact them directly but instead wait for someone to contact them as investigations proceed.

You can see the update on their Facebook page here.

This isn’t the first instance of packages being dumped this holiday season as just a couple of months ago hundreds of FedEx boxes were found in a ravine in Alabama.

Update – 1/7/22

Oklahoma County Sheriffs Office has arrested 3 individuals they believe to be part of a ‘massive theft ring’. Facing 15 counts of felony possession of stolen property and embezzlement with more charges likely to be filed.

Two of those arrested are contract drivers for Amazon with a truck used in the activities owned by the third. Authorities found thousands of packages stored in a house close by to the dumping site after following a lead at the crime scene. The Amazon packages have been returned to Amazon and will be re-delivered as soon as possible.

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