Poshmark Launches Posh Shows
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Poshmark Launches Posh Shows — New Live Shopping Feature For U.S. and Canadian Sellers


Poshmark, a popular fashion resale platform driven by an active community and interactive social features, has revealed the launch of its latest offering — Posh Shows.

This live shopping feature is tailored for the fashion resale industry and provides a fresh and exciting approach to buying and selling items in real time on Poshmark.

Posh Shows is now available in both the United States and Canada, allowing individuals to broadcast live on Poshmark for the first time.

By utilizing the potential of live video, sellers can promote items from their Poshmark collection and connect with an existing user base of over 100 million people.

Posh Shows, like Poshmark, are geared toward creating a straightforward and interactive selling experience.

Its user-friendly interface and array of selling tools enable individuals of all levels to initiate transactions while delivering a shopping experience that encapsulates the excitement and conviviality of shopping with friends.

This groundbreaking live selling feature is accessible to every fashion reseller, regardless of their closet size or follower count, and enables individuals to thrive with nothing more than their wardrobe and mobile device.

“With Posh Shows, we are reinventing fashion resale for the next decade,” said Manish Chandra, founder and CEO of Poshmark. “Poshmark was designed from day one to create a shopping experience built around community and real-time social interactions, making it the ideal destination for live commerce.”

Posh Shows Key Features

Fun & Fast-Paced Format: Posh Shows adopts an exciting and high-energy format, enabling sellers to conduct quick auctions and sell items in a fast-paced environment.

Sellers have the freedom to establish the starting price and duration of their auctions, allowing them to move through their inventory swiftly.

Meanwhile, shoppers can enjoy an engaging and entertaining shopping experience, discovering various products, communicating in real time, and taking advantage of great deals on an extensive range of styles.

Easy to Start, Easy to Earn: Posh Shows simplifies the process of starting a live show and becoming a seller. Its Quick List feature streamlines the live selling experience, enabling individuals to create a listing and sell an item on the go within seconds.

Hosts can take advantage of Poshmark’s extensive focus on the seller experience, from the efficient and expedient PoshPost shipping service to dependable payment options, customer support, and authentication services.

These features make it easier for sellers to earn money and build their business on Poshmark.

Built For Discovery and Exposure: Poshmark boasts a community of more than 100 million fashion enthusiasts globally, making it the perfect platform for fashion resellers to showcase their live shows.

The platform offers potent merchandising and discovery tools that help connect sellers with the right customers, and shoppers with the sellers, trends, and brands that align with their preferences.

Hosts can enhance their show’s visibility by including Show Tags that describe their offerings, connecting shoppers to the trends they desire, from rare luxury pieces to festival-ready fashion.

These tags optimize the discovery process across Poshmark’s vast selection of merchandise, which encompasses over 6,000 brands.

Selling and Succeeding Together: One distinctive feature of Posh Shows is its Sell Together function, which enables hosts to auction items from other sellers’ closets, allowing them to feature a diverse range of inventory and help fellow sellers make sales.

This community-driven approach promotes an ongoing growth engine that empowers every seller to succeed, fostering social connections and expanding the live shopping experience to a wider audience.

Posh Shows Beta Hugely Successful

Poshmark launched testing of Posh Shows in the fourth quarter of 2022. To date, sellers have conducted over 100,000 shows, and shoppers have placed more than 4 million bids in live auctions featuring an extensive selection of merchandise.

Posh Shows has experienced a rapid growth trajectory, quickly establishing Poshmark as a premier live commerce platform in both the U.S. and Canada. Poshmark sellers have enthusiastically adopted Posh Shows, utilizing this innovative feature to revolutionize their businesses.

“Since we began testing, our community has embraced this interactive and fun approach to shopping, energizing our marketplace, transforming the experience on Poshmark, and strengthening the human connections that are the foundation of our business,” added Chandra.

Poshmark plans to introduce new features to Posh Shows in the upcoming months, with a primary focus on creating fresh ways to Sell Together and inspire novel methods of live shopping and connection.

As the company continues to expand its community of sellers each week, new hosts can join Posh Shows on a first-come, first-served basis.

“The community reception has blown us away, and I’m excited for what’s ahead as we make Poshmark the number one place to shop and sell live,” said Tracy Sun, co-founder and SVP of Seller Experience at Poshmark

Poshmark did not elaborate if or when it may expand Posh Shows to additional markets. The company was acquired by South Korea’s largest internet company Naver Corporation a few months ago, with plans to expand the brand globally.

To learn more about Posh Shows and register to become a host on the platform, U.S.-based sellers should visit poshmark.com/live. Canadian sellers interested in becoming hosts can visit poshmark.ca/live.

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