Sendle Drives Convenience for Canadians with 500 New Drop-off Locations
Source: Sendle

Sendle Drives Convenience for Canadians With 500 New Drop-Off Locations


Sendle’s recent expansion brings over 500 new drop-off locations across Canada. Recognizing the importance of accessibility, the strategic increase of Sendle’s network makes it easier for consumers to send packages at convenient locations.

This not only enhances convenience but further demonstrates Sendle’s commitment to support small businesses across Canada.

James Chin Moody, Sendle CEO, is at the helm of this budding network, and his mission is clear, “We believe that every business, no matter how small, deserves access to more affordable shipping options.” 

In an increasingly competitive ecommerce landscape, Sendle is driven to level the playing field for small businesses by continuing to increase its national footprint in a market that has a long history of high prices and a lack of choice.

“When you think about traditional postal services, not much has changed, but we have the ability to adapt to the needs of small businesses and innovate alongside them, that’s something our competitors have not been able to do.” says Chin Moody.

With Sendle, customers can expect reliable 24-hour customer service, cheaper prices and most importantly, more choice that empowers entrepreneurs to thrive.

Sendle small business client Smack Bang Designs
Source: Sendle

Small Businesses at Heart of Canadian Economy

Small businesses make up 98% of all of Canada’s businesses, yet 48% are still finding it difficult to compete with the rise of ecommerce giants and are calling for more fairness in the space.

To address this, Sendle also announced the expansion of its partnership with ShipStation in Canada, becoming the first carrier service on the platform built specifically with small businesses in mind.

ShipStation’s partnership in Canada stands next to Sendle’s ties with eBay, Shopify and Etsy, a force that together has been streamlining the shipping process for ecommerce customers and small businesses alike.

“Gone are the days of settling for expensive shipping fees and limited options. Sendle is here to prove that the way we think about shipping in Canada needs to change, and cheaper options are not only for larger retailers but possible and available to everyone.” says Chin Moody.

Sendle isn’t just focused on shipping, it’s about building impact. With 69% of Canadian consumers expecting companies to solve sustainability issues, Sendle’s model is good for the planet.

With every package delivered, Sendle taps into existing shipping providers and fills empty space in vehicles to ensure every trip is maximized, helping to reduce the tangible impact on the planet, one shipment at a time with its 100% carbon-neutral shipping.

As Sendle continues to expand its reach and redefine the shipping standards in Canada, one thing is for certain: Sendle is paving the future of shipping, and the future looks bright.

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