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Smartphone Use For eCommerce Becoming More Dominant

The smartphone today has become incredibly powerful. So powerful that it is practically a very handy, small computer and has become increasingly used for eCommerce.

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More purchases are being done through smartphones and tablets now than ever before.

In the U.S., smartphone use for eCommerce has risen to 48% in 2016. That’s nearly almost half of all eCommerce activity.

This has also given rise to eCommerce marketplaces, as more people are using it as well.

Smartphone domination of eCommerce

In 2016, almost 97% of all online shoppers have used eCommerce marketplaces in at least a three month time.

It is not only in the U.S. that this is happening. Even in the Netherlands, the use of smartphones for eCommerce has risen to 68% in 2016.

This trend has been going in for a number of years in such places as the U.S. and UK, but is catching up in the Netherlands and other places as well.

With mobile phones becoming prominent in online commerce, it is changing how eCommerce is being done.

More people are now on the move, and more people are using mobile phones each year. Along with that, online shoppers are using places like Amazon because of the convenience as well as having better and more competitive prices.

Smartphone use for eCommerce is here to stay, and will increase over time.  This means the importance of having a fully mobile optimised website has never been greater.

More of your customers will be visiting your website from their phones and tablets and if the site isn’t optimised for them you run a high chance that they will leave very quickly.

The likes of eBay design every part of their business now with mobile the first platform in mind, and optimise for desktops and laptops afterwards.

Don’t get caught in the past with a low converting website.


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