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USPS Delays Introduction of Slower First Class Mail Package Service Until After Holiday Season


On October 1, the USPS was to start its new plan to deliver First Class Mail that would have slowed down delivery to many customers.

This change was to be part of a 10-year program to update the US Postal Service operations which also included making adjustments to delivery expectations on some of the cheaper mail services.

However, yesterday, USPS announced they now would wait to adjust service standards for First-Class Package Service until after the holiday season, keeping the previous delivery standard in place.

“In light of the ongoing environment caused by COVID-19 and the rise of the Delta variant affecting our customers, the implementation date for the revised service standards for First-Class Package Service will be announced after the holiday shipping season.”

“In April 2020, the U.S. Postal Service instituted an extra day for Priority, two and three day, and First-Class Package Service standards to account for the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. That extra day will remain in place until further notice.”

USPS Statement

USPS Decision Good News for Sellers

This development is good news for small business shippers and online marketplace sellers as many rely on the US Postal Service’s less expensive First Class Mail Parcel service for small items.

However, sellers should brace for the new slower service standards to go into effect early 2022.

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