Delivery driver fail slips on ice

Video: Delivery Driver Trips Chasing His Van as it Rolls Down Icy Street


The UK has experienced a wintery turn in the weather lately which has led to one delivery driver being caught on camera tripping as he watches his vehicle roll away down an icy street.

The incident took place in Poole UK where resident Andrea Pellegrini was getting ready to travel to pantomime rehearsals with a friend nearby after snow and ice caked the roads the day before.

It was at this moment when Andrea was on her driveway when she saw a delivery driver stop outside her house.

“I was getting ready to go to a pantomime rehearsal in Broadstone when I saw him drive up. I was expecting a few parcels so thought it would be for me. He got out the van and came to give me my parcel.” Andrea said in a statement to the local media.

“I didn’t notice what was happening until my neighbor, who was scraping ice off his car, shouted ‘mate, your van’ – we looked round and saw it rolling down the hill. I just thought ‘Oh my god it’s going to hit so many cars’.”

Video source: YouTube Channel – World News

Delivery Driver Fail Avoids Catastrophe

At this time it isn’t clear which courier company the delivery driver works for as he had an unmarked van. As you can see in the video the delivery driver ran to catch up with his wayward van before slipping on the icy road and dropping a piece of his delivery kit.

Thankfully he quickly regained his composure and was able to get into his van and prevent it from going any further – according to reports he was able to stop the van “with a few inches to spare” from hitting a parked car.

Andrea confirmed with the driver that he had put the parking brake on the car but due to the heavy load in the van and the slippery conditions, it wasn’t able to hold back the vehicle.

Andrea said the driver was unhurt and saw the funny side of the near miss. She added: “When we fell he dropped the pad used to take pictures of the delivery. I picked it up and once he managed to get his vehicle back I gave it to him only for him to say he still needed to take the photograph to confirm delivery. What a pro.”

This isn’t the first time a delivery driver has been caught on camera in recent months, such as when an Amazon driver was caught throwing and kicking packages to a customer’s door.

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