eBay Update on Shipping Ukraine

eBay Suspends Shipping Services to Ukraine and Russia – Offers Seller Protections


Earlier today we posted a compilation of service alerts issued by USPS, FedEx, UPS, and some international postal carriers.

Since then, eBay issued its own update on shipping to Ukraine and Russia which includes:

  • eBay has suspended its Global Shipping Program service into Ukraine and Russia.
  • eBay has suspended eBay international standard delivery service into Ukraine.
  • eBay has extended delivery times for eBay international standard delivery service to Russia for purchases made on or after February 21.

eBay warned that shipments going to either country may not reach buyers and could be returned to the shipper. Senders should regularly check on tracking information for more details about their shipments.

eBay Offers Seller Protections

Furthermore, eBay stated if your business is impacted, eBay will automatically protect your seller performance, including:

  • Your late shipment rate
  • Your valid tracking upload rate
  • “Item not received” cases due to late delivery
  • Defects resulting from transactions you canceled
  • Negative or neutral feedback from these transactions

The company said these seller protections will apply retroactively to all shipments to Ukraine and Russia beginning February 21.

As of Monday morning US time, eBay has posted this update only on its US and Canadian sites.

*Update*eBay Australia posted an update on 03/02/2022

We still assume seller protections will be extended to all eBay sellers globally and that eBay will honor the extension of delivery times to Russia as well, especially since the EU has effectively eliminated most commercial flights between EU countries and Russia.

eBay Did Not Address Service Restrictions to Moldova and Belarus

eBay only addressed Ukraine and Russia in its announcement. However, commercial and cargo airlines have been warned by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to avoid the airspace in Russia and Belarus within 100 nautical miles of Ukraine.

In addition, Moldova has closed its airspace for commercial air traffic.

With flight restrictions or suspensions impacting Belarus and Moldova as well, shipping to either of these countries should be considered problematic too. eBay did not include them in their announcement.

We will update this post when eBay provides further updates, including on its international marketplace sites. This post was last updated on February 28, 2022.

Please check our Service Alerts on Shipments to Ukraine, Russia and Surrounding Countries page for more details about how shipping is impacted to the region.

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  1. Hi. Thank you for this post. What about Amazon? Did they something similar. Please share any resources if you have. Thank you so much.

    1. We have not seen any official statement from Amazon regarding shipping to Ukraine. But certainly, with all major shipping carriers stopping to service Ukraine, we assume there is no shipping lane available for orders from Amazon to reach Ukraine. In regards to Russia, we have some new information we will add to our other post regarding shipping to the region later today that probably will impact shipments to Russia even more.



  2. Thank you for the post!

    But what about the other way?
    How is the shipping affected from Russian sellers to eu/Schengen countries?

    1. Whilst there has been no announcement directly on this it is pretty safe to say that the European sanctions will make it very difficult for any packages from Russia to make it into other countries right now

  3. Kathy L. Mitchell says:

    Does anyone know how mail is being effected for Ebay sellers in Ukraine? Are packages getting out of Ukraine?

    1. I do not know for sure, but I would expect due to the current situation that if mail was getting out of Ukraine then it would be severely delayed.

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