eBay suspends transactions to Russia and removes pro-Putin merchandise listings

eBay Suspends All Transactions to Russia – Warns Sellers About Listing Items in Support of Putin


eBay has now temporarily suspended all transactions to Russian addresses according to a statement referenced by a number of NBC affiliated news organizations today. eBay has not issued this statement on its website.

“As a result of service interruptions by payment vendors and major shipping carriers, we have temporarily suspended all transactions involving Russian addresses and transactions involving Ukraine addresses may experience delays,” the eBay statement read.

“We will continue to evaluate and make necessary changes to our policies and service availability as this situation evolves and hope for a rapid, lasting, and diplomatic solution to this crisis.”

In addition, the company is warning sellers about listing items that support the aggression unleashed by autocratic Russian President Vladimir Putin on Ukraine. eBay apparently already has removed Putin-related items “that are not clearly anti-Putin.”

“We have a strict policy against items that promote or glorify hatred or violence to ensure our platform remains a safe, trusted and inclusive environment for our global community of sellers and buyers,” eBay warned in this statement.

“Consequently, merchandise that may indicate support of Vladimir Putin is prohibited on eBay. We will continue to allow historical or education related books and materials.”

Previously, eBay had suspended shipments using its Global Shipping Program to Russia and Ukraine but sellers could still offer items on the marketplace to be shipped to either country if they could find a carrier to deliver them.

Just to reiterate, today’s statement does not prohibit eBay sellers to sell to customers in Ukraine, but it will be up to the seller to find a shipping solution that is still operational.

The Ukraine Postal service is currently asking global postal operators to send items to neighboring EU countries from where it will pick up the mail and deliver it where possible.

See more here about shipping to Ukraine. Private parcel couriers like UPS and FedEx have suspended operations in Ukraine as well as shipments to Russia already.

As far as shipments to Russia, on Friday, USPS became the last major US-based parcel carrier to stop accepting parcels destined to Russia, effectively making it impossible to ship items to Russia from the US.

Also on Friday, the US Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security (BIS) issued new restrictions on Luxury Goods to all end users in Russia. These restrictions likewise affected Russian and Belarusian oligarchs and malign actors located worldwide.

It’s possible that today’s full stop on transactions to Russia was in response to these events on Friday by USPS and BIS. However, eBay’s suspension of all transactions to Russia appears to be a global policy affecting sellers on all its global marketplaces.

eBay Supports Ukraine

In addition, on Friday, Andrea Stairs, eBay CMO & VP, Seller Community, North America, issued a statement on behalf of eBay in support of Ukraine.

“We know our sellers worldwide are resilient and continue to run their business through natural disasters, pandemics, and events beyond their control— including the current situation in Ukraine. In support of our Ukrainian sellers, we are waiving their seller fees. We are also protecting them and sellers who ship to Ukraine from late shipment penalties, feedback, and other account penalties. For all the latest information on how we are protecting sellers, please visit our dedicated community page.”

“We are supporting the humanitarian efforts in Ukraine by raising funds for The American Red Cross, Nova Ukraine, and Save the Children. Buyers can support these relief organizations through Give at Checkout, while sellers can support by donating a portion of their proceeds from specific items. eBay will match up to $250,000 in customer donations through the end of March. In addition, eBay will be matching all employee donations at a 2:1 ratio.

“We stand with Ukraine and thank everyone who is working to support those impacted by the crisis in that country.”

Similar opportunities for eBay buyers to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine will also be available at checkout on the UK, Candian and Australian eBay marketplaces.

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