UPS driver picking up a previously delivered Amazon package and hiding it with other packages he is delivering.
Source: UPS/Twitter

UPS Twitter Video Highlights Lazy Delivery by Rival Carrier


Through the years, we have featured select videos showing delivery fails that went viral on social media. Many of these videos surface on TikTok and other social media channels originating from home security or front door cameras.

For example, earlier this year, we posted a story about an Amazon delivery driver caught on camera complaining how much he hated the job and featured a video about a FedEx driver frisbeeing a package.

Sometimes, the videos are not fails, like this funny one about a UPS driver and USPS carrier arriving at the same time at a customer’s home and having a race to the door.

Or this humorous one, showing an Amazon driver who is quick on his feet trying to hide that he was delivering a surprise.

There have also been viral videos of courage, such as this Amazon driver who intervened and saved a teen and a family dog from a pit bull attack.

And with porch piracy being a big issue, a TikToker posted a video of a person stealing a package but then falling and breaking her leg. Call it Karma!

Clearly, with some of these videos gaining millions of views, there is a public fascination, which is why we keep highlighting some of the more interesting ones.

UPS Attempt at Viral Delivery Video

Well, now it seems UPS hopes a front door cam delivery video may go viral. Over the weekend, UPS posted on its official Twitter account a clip of one of its drivers correcting another carrier’s lazy delivery practice.

The video shows a UPS driver picking up an Amazon package (presumably delivered earlier by Amazon) that was dropped off in plain sight and positioning it, along with two packages he is delivering, behind a front porch post.

While this video hasn’t garnered the same attention as other delivery videos we have featured, but from a corporate communications point of view, it was a clever dig at rivals.

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